Chocolate pecan pie (9 inch galette)

You know how the gooey layer under the pecans is sometimes too sweet?  We fixed that by substituting a dark, rich chocolate pudding. Our top layer is pecans and butterscotch caramel, so still sweet enough!  Each big enough for 6 disciplined eaters or three pie enthusiasts.

For pickup only, at our kitchen window in San Jose or at farmers market. For best results, order at least a day before you need it.


  • Filling: Pudding: milk, cream, sugar, chocolate, egg yolks, tapioca, vanilla, salt. Pecan top: pecans, brown sugar, cream, agave, butter, salt.
  • Pastry: organic wheat flour, butter, water, salt, egg.

 Net weight is approximately 1.4 lbs/635 g.